Greek Food: 10 Dishes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

You cannot visit Greece without trying these 10 traditional Greek food dishes! Your mouth will water and have you craving your next delicious bite after each meal! Fair warning, you might end up with a bad case of garlic breath after a few of them! However, it’s worth it. So, while we push the vampires away, indulge in these Greek Foods with me.

Some might say that your typical ‘souvlaki’ is a tourist greek food and not eaten by the locals. And this may very well be true! But here’s my take: We are tourists, aren’t we? We are searching for delicious greek food on our week away abroad in Greece. My advice, try everything you can! Ask the locals about great restaurants to try and what they would suggest. Every Greek person I have met has been so friendly, especially when you genuinely want to build a relationship with them.

Enjoy your greek food on the street or sit down at a well known restaurant! Whatever brings you joy, do it. I personally love street food and quite often eat on the go. That being said though, I do enjoy a nice local restaurant.

Are you ready for your mouth to start watering? Here are my Top 10 must-eat Greek Foods when in Greece!


Greek Souvlaki
Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

Loved by many all over the world, there is nothing better than a souvlaki when in Greece. Traditionally grilled meat skewers with dried herbs, lemon and delicious olive oil. Usually served with rice or potatoes, pita bread, salad and tzatziki (Greek yogurt, garlic, cucumber and mint) a.k.a. my achilles heal. When I’m deciding what to eat, my response is always “you had me at tzatziki”.


Greek Food: Gyros

A Gyros is basically our version of a sandwich or wrap. It’s shaved meats (lamb, pork, or chicken) that’s usually been rotisserie cooked. PS: you can have it without the meat for a veggie take! Just ask for halloumi or feta! It’s then wrapped in warm pita, and filled with tomatoes, cucumber, onions and Greek sauces. Or, if you’re like me- tzatziki! Yum-Yum. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Gyros are one of my favourite street Greek food meals.

Yummy Greek Food: Spanakopita

Feta Cheese

Do you like feta cheese and spinach? Yes? Amazing. You will love spanakopita. Filo (phyllo) pastry layered with you guessed it: feta and spinach! Spanakopita is the perfect combination of crunch and soft cheese. Not a fan of spinach? I got you. Try saganaki. Hello fried cheese, what more do you need to know? I’ve seen it also cooked in filo pastry and topped with honey and called many different names on a menu, sometimes ‘Feta Me Meli’- just ask! I loved it so much I tried to recreate it, at home on our Greek food night!


Koulouri street food

Mostly found in Athens, many bakeries prepare koulouri in the morning and you’ll certainly see locals enjoying one! Koulouri is similar to a pretzel or a sesame bagel, but it’s larger and soft warm bread looped together and covered in sesame seeds. In Athens, you can spot them at the local street vendors and get a takeaway coffee.


Moussaka, Greece
Photo by: BBC Good Food

Funny enough, I hate aubergine but love Moussaka! It is basically a lasagna but with layers of aubergine, potatoes, and mince topped with a delicious béchamel sauce and baked to per-fec-tion. It might not be on the menu but always ask if they do a veggie option if that’s more your thing! Moussaka is a very traditional Greek food.


Dolmades, Greece
Photo by: The Real Greek

Don’t let the seaweed looking food put you off. Have you ever wanted to eat grape leaves? Look no further! These parcels are stuffed with rice, fresh herbs and lots of lemon! Meat is optional. In fact, they’re found on most restaurant menu’s so make sure you try them. They’re super delicious!

Kolokythokeftedes (AKA Courgette Balls)

Courgette Balls: Greek Food
Photo by: BBC Good Food

In short, this veggie dish is fabulous! It’s a crispy fried ball filled with courgettes, fresh feta and mint. When you bite into them there is an explosion of salty freshness in your mouth. I said when I ate them that they were the ‘new’ falafel. These seriously make your mouth water and you will definitely want to eat more of them!

Greek Salad

So, can you go to Greece and not have a fresh greek salad? No. You need the fresh cucumber, tomato, feta cheese and dried herbs in your life. Not to mention the extra thick and delicious olive oil that’s drizzled on top! Sometimes when it is so hot the last thing you crave is a hot meal. So, a massive greek salad and a side of halloumi is a great choice.


Baklava in Greece

You’ll see Baklava everywhere so definitely ask around about good places to try it! This little cheeky dessert is soaked in honey syrup and layered with almonds or walnuts. In some places you will see them with pistachios. Basically, if you like honey, you’ll go ‘nuts’ for these! Sorry for the shocking pun. But hey, you need to try them and they need to be on your Greek food bucket list.


Greece Loukoumades

Finally, helloooo childhood memories! Loukoumades are tiny fried ‘doughnut balls’ soaked in honey syrup and covered in walnuts and sometimes cinnamon. Got a sweet tooth? Try these and thank me later! Some people recommended that you order these to share with the table.. Well, I’ll leave that choice up to you!

So, is your mouth watering yet?

Have you gone down memory lane where you tried some of the above? Most importantly, are you itching to visit Greece or have you got your next dinner meal inspiration? Greek food is absolutely, without question, my favourite food. Packed full of flavour and cooked to perfection every single time. Greek food is always delicious, even from the ma’ and pa’ family owned restaurants in London. But, nothing beats the authentic Greek Food found in Greece.

Let me know in the comments below what your mouth watering Greek Food must have is! Is there anything that you would add to my list? I’d love to know.

PS: Check out my Top 20 Things to do in Athens Blog Post for more Greece inspiration. Let me know if you would add any places to your list. Athens is a beautiful city and definitely worth visiting this year!

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Happy eating!

T x

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